About Us


Based in New York, Ignition Tax, led by the Founder CPA Nisha, offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing Tax Preparation, Planning, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Consulting, Outsourcing, Payroll, Ecommerce Solution and more. As a distinguished Tax & Accounting firm, Ignition Tax is equipped with skilled professionals ensuring your financial ledgers are not just maintained, but optimized. Need help with financial systems like QuickBooks or legacy setups? Our team is adept at both setting up and training your personnel.

At Ignition Tax, our engagement isn’t limited to year-end reviews. We dive deep into monthly and quarterly analyses of your financial records, scheduling sessions with you to decipher the outcomes. Our year-round commitment allows us to craft strategies that adeptly minimize your tax liabilities, all through legitimate and insightful tax planning. Choose Ignition Tax, and spark a journey towards streamlined financial prosperity.


Nisha CPA, the visionary behind Ignition Tax, founded the firm in 2016. Her mission is to assist individuals and businesses in navigating IRS tax challenges and to offer top-notch tax preparation and planning services.

Nisha Patel Agrawal Founder
Licensed CPA

Certified Public Accountant 📃